Fundraising solutions designed to help your programs!

How fundraisers work.

A F1Fund fundraiser allows you to post pictures, videos and information about your program. Tell your story and your way! Engage with your friends, or and family. It provides an easy interface for friends and families to donate safely and securely.


Work with one of our partners to create your fundraiser for you. They will work with you to build the best fundraiser and assist with launching with an in-person kick off!

To engage with one of our partners, please view our partners now!


Once you launch your fundraiser, get it out there! Promote it on Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc. Tell your friends and family and we'll automatically send reminders! You can also build your own fundraising team and have them spread the word with a personalized message crafted by you! Collect your pledges right on your fundraiser page!

You can track the performance of your fundraising campaign through F1Fund's intuitive campaign management dashboard which tells you everything you need to know about your campaign at a glance.


With NO REQUIRED “GOAL”, every donation you get goes to you! Yes, no “goal” you have to meet, no “flex funding” requirements, and no required “rewards.” It’s really easy. Your donations are yours. That’s it!

What do we get? Only a small fee for building, maintaining and managing this site, your donations and everything else we need to help you make your fundraiser successful. Each of our partners will work with you to establish a partnership that works best for you!


You receive all your pledges in a single payment at the end of your fundraiser. It's really that easy!

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There are many reason to use us, so many we put together a detailed explaining why.