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September 2016 Change Log

At Unified4People.com we are always adding new functionality. This past month we focused on improving your ability to share your campaigns with people. These are the changes for September.

  • Added the ability to share via text - When viewing a fundraising campaign from a mobile device you can now share that campaign with someone from your contact list. Clicking the Text button will open up your text messaging app with a link to the campaign to share.
  • Added the ability to share via email - When viewing a fundraising campaign, you can now share it through email. Click the email button on the campaign share section, then enter up to 20 email addresses. Unified4People will send these people a friendly invitation to the campaign. We do not use these emails to solicit or sell the information to any 3rd parties.
  • Added the ability to see the impact of your emails - On your campaign dashboard, you now will see a new plot line on your campaign performance graph. From this plot line, you'll see how the number of emails sent correlates to the number of campaign visits and pledges received. Below is a sample of our new at-a-glance performance dashboard available to all campaign owners. Below is a sample at-a-glance performance chart available to all campaign owners.

The Unified4People Team