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Building a team is 100% optional and may not apply to all campaigns. But, a group effort will greatly improve a the performance of a campaign. Each member you add to your team will be invited to join your campaign. Once they activate their account using the unique URL in the email invitation they can begin contributing to your campaign by sharing and collecting funds!

Here is what happens when you build a team.

  1. Send the Invite or Let them Join. You will need the email address of each person you wish you invite. You may invite them at any time before your campaign closes, this includes during creation or while it's active. If you don't have emails and want to let users self enroll, you simply need to share your campaign URL with them, and users can join your team using the 'Join Team' button.
  2. Team Member Joins. Your new team member will receive a unique email invitation with a link to join once the campaign is active. Once they join and register using the email address you provided the will be linked to your campaign. Once linked, they can upload a photo and tell a little about themselves. They will also have access to their own personal dashboard to track their own progress in helping your campaign. This is great for sports related campaigns!
  3. Team Member Shares. Each team member will get their own personal sharing links for your campaign. Any donations earned from their shares will be attributed directly to them.
  4. You Track Performance. While team members can track their own performance on their own private dashboards. You can see the "big picture" and will be able to track each team member's contributions to your campaign.

The following are great fundraisers that can leverage our new functionality:

  • Sports Team Fundraisers
  • "a-Thons" - walk-a-thons, skip-a-thons etc.. 
  • Church fundraisers
  • Helping a family or friend in your community
  • Civic club fundraisers