F1Fund's Blog

We hope everyone had a great holiday season! At Unified4People.com we are always adding new functionality. This past month we focused on improving your team fundraising experience. 

These are the changes for December: 

  • We have improved the team experience by letting potential team members self-join your team. This is great for campaigns with larger teams. You will no longer need to gather email addresses for each member of your team. Once you complete your team message and make your campaign active, potential team members can self-enroll. You control the message they share, but they can share as often as they like.
  • We’ve tweaked the look & feel of the pledge history of campaigns to be more mobile friendly and easier to read.
  • We’ve improved performance of the website when building campaigns. 
  • Images on campaigns are no longer shared between campaigns. Each campaign will have its own set of unique images uploaded by the builder. This only affects users who have run more than one Unified4People.com fundraising campaign.
  • We have improved the login experience for branded campaigns by modifying the menus to be more intuitive. 

Thank you,

The Unified4People.com Team