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Asking for help is not always easy, and in many ways a humbling experience. An online fundraising campaign is one of the ways we may have to be humbled and ask for help. And when done right, an online fundraiser can be of great help. Unfortunately many people don’t spend the time to do it right.  At Unified4People we’ve watched a lot of people succeed, and fail. And it’s these failures we’ve learned the most. To make your online fundraiser the best we offer the following suggestions:

Be clear about why you’re asking for help and where the money goes. Be specific! If you need funds for an emergency home repair let your potential backers know how you plan on using the funds. Do you need $500.00 for drywall? Tell them.

Not every campaign is for an emergency, at times the campaign may be to help a cause for community program. If this is your situation, be clear to state your mission clearly. Tell people about the cause and provide a link to your website if you have one.

Build a team! When you create your fundraiser you can create a team. Unified4People’s team program allows you to create a common message and have other share your cause on your behalf. Instead of just generically sharing on Facebook or Twitter, your team can personally share your campaign with their own unique page. When a friend shares a campaign that crates an impact, but when a friend can personally share your campaign with a unique message and personal image the impact is much more!

It may be cliché, but a picture does tell a thousand words. Telling your story is one thing, but a clean, clear (non-blurry) image goes a long way. For example if your campaign is to help Jon with his medical bills, use a picture of Jon.

While online fundraising doesn’t guarantee success, these tips will help your campaign succeed and get the help you may need.

The Unified4People Team