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Helping Fight Cancer with Fundraising    

Cancer affects all of us. Whether directly diagnosed with a form of it, or having a family member diagnosed; it hurts. It will uproot every aspect of your life and take you down a path you probably never thought you would travel. And that’s okay. Building a support network of professionals, friends, and family will help you overcome this terrible disease.

Cancer is not cheap. Unfortunately, the entire experience is expensive. Treatments, appointments, medications surgery do cost money. Even if you’re insured there are the unexpected costs that come with dealing with this type of event in your life. Not everyone is prepared for this, and they have no safety net to deal with the financial impact.

If you or someone you love is struggling to pay medical bills because of cancer, you should consider creating an online fundraiser with Unified4People to help. After all, cancer is stressful enough, adding medical bills to the equation makes it so much harder.

Find out more about our fundraising here.

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Groups Giving Back

Did you know that Unified4People’s team program can help groups? Another way to help those affected by cancer is to give back to a charity. Our team fundraising program lets you create a campaign, have friends join the team and create a combined effort to raise funds for a charity of your choice. Find our more about team fundraising here


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