F1Fund's Blog

Over the past 12 months Unified4People has helped hundreds of people and causes. What started out as an idea conceived while lying sick in a hospital bed has turned out to be something completely different. 

As many people (and some may not) know, Unified4People was built on a need one of our founders saw personally. He got sick. And while he had the means through insurance to get well, he saw a lot of people who did not. As he was lying in a hospital bed recuperating he started looking at why people turn to sites like GoFundMe for help. And it was obvious, they provide a simple way for people to help one another. But what startled him was the cost! He knew he could do better. Being in the IT world he reached out to his network of friends and together with a partner, who had proven past of great business sense, they built Unified4People with the simple goal in mind. Help people, be transparent, and help responsibly.

Since launching, we've helped over 400 people and organization get the funding they need and get all the funding they need. While we may small we are making a big difference for those who needed our help and we're committed to keep improving and helping those who need help fundraising.

So, thank you to everyone who has been part of this adventure so far. What started as an idea has become our passion. Please spread the word, if you know someone who needs help, we can be there to give them the assistance they need.

The Unified4People Team