F1Fund's Blog

While it's been a couple of months since we published an official change log, we've been busy. We have written a couple of other entries since our last change log if you want to catch up you can read them here. Since our last blog we've been focusing on our efforts to increase our footprint and helping schools.

These are the 2 major changes for May:

  1.  Tweaked our campaigns for mobile again. Same functionality, but faster loading times and less data consumption.
  2.  Improved the campaign owner dashboard mobile experience. Buttons are now more visible when using smaller devices.

Finally we would like to take a minute to let everyone know that over the past month Unified4People has helped Texas schools raise over $45,000.00 towards their expenses. This is a huge milestone for us as it tells us a couple of things. First, Unified4Peoiple works! And, secondly we are keeping our word by keeping our fees low to ensure that those who need help get all the help and are not gouged.

View some of our success stories :


Thank you all for your support!

The Unified4People Team