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This past month Unified4People has engaged a new partner to help those who are considering donating to a fundraising campaign do so. At Unified4People we do everything we can to increase the conversion rate of people who are considering donating to become a person who actually donated. To improve this we partnered with Proof. Proof is a 3rd party service that validates a person who has donated and will show others that this person has donated. This proof of donation greatly improves the conversion rate as one user can validate against another.

How does it work?
When a person donates to a campaign, they can elect to share their donation details (or a portion of their details). When they do this, information is displayed on the main campaign page to show others that they have backed the campaign. 

Proof Img

Will my information always be displayed?
No! This is something you need to opt into.

Do I get charged for this service?
Absolution not! Unified4People pays for this service as part of our general service offering to users.

Do I need to do anything?
No, this is now part of our standard platform.


Thank You,

The Unified4People Team