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What's New?

This month Unified4People.com became F1Fund.com. The platform is the same but we're taking the company in a new direction. Over the past year many schools have been using Unified4People.com as their primary tool for raising money for their teams, programs, and events. Our unique team program is unrivaled in the fundraising industry. Which has resulted in our usage being heavy that it has dwarfed our individual fundraising fundraisers. Which, as any astute business would, has made us change our focus and devote more effort to this growing segment. The company is the same, we just look a little different.

Top 3 Questions

Q: Can you still run individual fundraisers?

A: Yes, that will never change, we just will not be focusing advertising to drum up new fundraisers.

Q: What does a school need to do to run a fundraiser?

A: 2 options. They can either work with one of our sales reps (contact us to find out who,) or start a fundraiser them selves. When you use our reps, someone will manage the fundraiser for you, come to your school to kick it off with your students and help you when you need. But you can always run the fundraiser yourself.

Q: Sales Rep? 

A: That's right, F1Fund.com has sales reps who work directly with schools to manage their fundraisers to get the most out of them. And we're hiring. If you think you have what it takes to be a F1Fund.com sales rep, please visit our contact us page and send us a message.