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There is a real tangible value to a share. Statistics gathered at Unified4People.com have shown that for every 10 shares on Facebook a campaign receives, will result in approximately $10.00 in pledges. Which shows there is a value to sharing. But why? When a friend shares a campaign it is more than just an advertisement for your campaign, someone has vouched for your campaign by sharing it personally. This word-of-mouth greatly improves the probability someone will visit your campaign and pledge even if they don’t know you directly, they know someone who does, and that person cared enough to share it themselves so they may too.

Statistically it’s simple. The more shares, the more people see your campaign. The more people see your campaign, the more likely you are that your campaign finds itself into the newsfeed of someone who wants to pledge. 

How can you increase your shares? As simple as it seems, just ask! You as a campaign owner need to not just share your campaign, but ask people to share it as well. While putting in on your own Facebook is good, in fact critical, most times people will not share it for you until you ask them. And let’s face it.  Most people have a hard time saying no to such a simple request. But the fact is, if you don’t care enough about your own campaign to promote it, why should others care to do the same? REMEMBER THIS: don’t just make general requests for people to share it. They are too easy to overlook, accidentally or intentionally. Make direct contact with your friends. Identify them by name, tell them what you are doing, and ask for their help to share, and pledge, and if they are not in a position to pledge, at least share to help you get the word out. Specific requests directed directly to a person are very hard to ignore or refuse. So take advantage of that!