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Top 3 Mistakes Campaign Owners Make

Fundraising done well, is not easy. It takes time, planning, and at times you may need to be humbled. But avoiding these 3 simple mistakes will get you started right.

  1. Not Leveraging Social Media
    Not leveraging social media is unarguably the biggest mistake a campaign owner will make. As we mentioned in a previous post titled the Value of a Share, sharing is the key to a campaign’s success. As a campaign owner, you cannot expect people to stumble across your campaign and pledge, you need to leverage social media to get the word out and build your audience. Additionally social media is exactly that, social. The people you share with are people you know and those are the people most likely to back you.

  2. Not Making a Plan
    Many people new to online fundraising are led to believe that just setting up a campaign is enough. They are wrong. While having a campaign gives you the ‘what’ when it comes to fundraising, it does not give you the ‘how’. The how is your plan. The following are some basic questions you need to ask yourself before running an online fundraiser on Unified4People.com.
    • How do you plan on getting the word out?
    • How often do you want to share?
    • How many people can you share to on Facebook vs. Instagram vs. Twitter?
    • How can I keep my audience interested?
    • How can I get my audience to share? 
  3. Thinking Pledges Will Come from Strangers
    The simple fact is, this is not true. Statistically most pledges come from your social circle. This is why leveraging social media is so important, which is also why it can be the hardest. Humility is a hard thing to deal with, and when you run a Unified4People campaign, or any campaign, you are asking for help from those around you. And asking for help can at times be the hardest thing to do.

The Unified4People Team