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At Unified4People.com we are always adding new functionality. This past month we focused on improving your mobile experience and sharing. These are the changes for October.

  • Added the ability to share a campaign through Twitter when viewing a fundraising campaign with your Twitter followers.
  • We have made viewing campaigns on a mobile device even more responsive.
  • We have incorporated a new pledge button into the header of a campaign to make it even easier for potential pledgors pledge to your campaign.
  • We have added a new goal progress bar to each campaign to provide an easy to read visual representation of how close you are to completing your goal.
  • We’ve partnered with XLR8 Fundraising. XLR8 Fundraising works with schools to develop and manage school fundraisers. Unified4People is happy to be able to provide the fundraising platform in which these fundraisers are managed on. View some of their school campaigns at:

    The Unified4People Team