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Raising funds for a sports team is one of the more common fundraisers held and when done correctly, it can greatly benefit a team. Unified4People has helped many teams raise funds and here are some ideas that will help you maximize your team’s fundraiser.

To help potential backers, clearly identify what the funds will be used for. When you clearly identify the uses for funds earned potential backers of your fundraiser will more likely take the next step and actually donate as they know how their funds will be used. The most common uses for a sports fundraiser are for:

  1. Travel expenses
  2. Equipment costs
  3. Jerseys and apparel
  4. Tournament fees
  5. Scholarships

Take your offline activities and enhance it with your Unified4Peple campaign. Getting your team together to run a community activity while promoting your campaign will greatly improve your level of success. This can be something as simple as setting up a walk-a-thon, where you share out your Unified4Pepople campaign as a platform for people to donate instead of collecting cash. Offline activities will stimulate the awareness of your campaign.

Take your campaign to your games. Unified4People is 100% mobile compliant and will work on any mobile device or tablet. No matter where you are you can raise funds. This lets you bring your campaign with you. The simple act of bringing a tablet and passing it around displaying your campaign at a game can greatly improve the amount raised.

Email! Unified4People allows you to invite people to your campaign though email. Once invited we will automatically send weekly reminders to those people to view your campaign. Once they donate they stop getting reminders.

Once you have a campaign, it’s up to you to make it successful. Use the ideas here to help you maximize your level of success.