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Happy New Year!

Wow, that first year went by fast! Can you believe we've helped hundreds of people in our first year? We've helped people deal with racism, family loss, injured pets and school programs. We've been written about in newspapers, blogs and online articles. Most importantly our online fundraising platform helped people who didn't know where to go when they had needs. We let them to get the most for cause with our low rates and great online fundraising service. We couldn't have done it without the support of everyone who viewed, shared and pledged to our many campaigns. Thank you!

As always, we have been adding new functionality to make our platform even better. This past month we focused on improving mobile experience and helping you share more effectively share your fundraising campaigns.

These are the changes for January: 

  • We modified the fundraising campaign for mobile and table browsing. Users on these types of device have a slightly different view that more effectively conveys the story of the campaign.
  • Mobile and tablet users will now notice that the sharing and pledging buttons now appear without the need to scroll.
  • You can now like our blog posts in addition to sharing.

Thank you,

The Unified4People.com Team