F1Fund's Blog

We are always adding new functionality to the Unified4People fundraising platform. This months focus was on streamlining our end-user process, email notifications and pledging.

These are the changes for February 2017.

  1. Users can no longer enter expired dates when submitting credit card payments. This was a rare bug found in our system. 
  2. You no longer have to wait for Unified4People to review your campaign.
  3. We now incorporate logic that automatically weeds out nefarious campaigns which means users can now submit their fundraisers whenever they want, no more delay.
  4. We've improved the functionality of the team member program by:
    1. Automatically reminding team members to share.
    2. Reducing how often we email reminders for those who have already been invited.
  5. As part of our re-branding to Unified4People from FundMe4Life we've finally phased out the old support@fundme4life.com email address. All emails will now come from our @unified4people.com domain.
Finally, we'd like to say Hello to the newest member of the Unified4People family. Victoria recently joined the team as a sales representative who's primarily focused on working on fundraisers for animal welfare. Welcome to the team Victoria!

Thank You,

The Unified4People Team